Thursday, May 13, 2010

Experiments gone wrong

Ok so last night I thought I would use up the last of my carrots in what is usually the best carrot cake EVER! ...But for some reason something went wrong along the way and to my dismay the look on my boyfriends face said it all, "I wont be taking these to work" he said jokingly (ya right).
There were though healthy, at least.
Has anyone ever baked using 100% coconut flour? I usually use a combination but had no other flours. It did not rise at all or matter how long I left it in the oven. *sigh* At least it was healthy.


  1. I've used 100% coconut flour!! My first batch of cookies looked flat and nasty, so I thought I'd done something wrong, so tried another recipe using 100% coco-flour; they looked the same:( Justin P. ate them all and said they tasted good even though they looked wrong:) I have not given up though! let me know if you find something....

  2. I figured it out! I forgot to use baking powder! Use a combination of flours, Brown rice, sorugum, amaranth and a little coconut flour work the best :) Happy Baking!!